ADASS '97 Program Information

September 14-17, 1997
Allgäu Stern Hotel
, Bavaria

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by Britt Sjöberg

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The program is now available

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Dates to Remember

Date Item
7 July 1997 Deadline for Early Registration
Deadline for Abstract Submissions
Deadline for Demo Requests
15 August 1997 Deadline for Hotel Reservations
4 September 1997 Deadline for Late Registration
14-17 September 1997 ADASS '97 - Sonthofen, Bavaria, Germany

Contact Information

Phone: +49-89-32006-291
Fax: +49-89-32006-480
Mailing Address: ADASS '97
c/o Britt Sjöberg
Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 2
D-85748 Garching bei München

During the Conference (14 to 17 Sep)

Phone: +49-8321-279 751
Fax: +49-8321-279 754
WWW: htp://
Mailing Address: ADASS '97
Allgäu Stern Hotel
D-97527 Sonthofen


The ADASS Conferences provide a forum for scientists and programmers concerned with algorithms, software, and software systems employed in the reduction and analysis of astronomical data. ADASS '97 is hosted by the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility and the European Southern Observatory.

Conference Sponsors

ADASS '97 is sponsored by

  • European Southern Observatory
  • European Space Agency
  • Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility
  • Space Telescope Science Institute
  • National Radio Astronomy Observatory
  • Sun Microsystems Deutschland
  • CREASO (IDL Germany)
  • Sybase
  • Pink Aviation Services

    Program Organizing Committee

    The ADASS '97 Program Organizing Committee is comprised of the following members: Rudi Albrecht (ST-ECF/ESO), Roger Brissenden (SAO), Tim Cornwell (NRAO), R. Crutcher (Uni. of Illinois), F. Rick Harnden - Chair (SAO), George Jacoby (NOAO), Jonathan McDowell (SAO), Jan Noordam (NFRA), Dick Shaw (STScI), Richard Simon (NRAO), Britt Sjöberg (ST-ECF), Doug Tody (NOAO), and Dave Van Buren (IPAC).

    Local Organizing Committee

    The Local Organizing Committee includes: Miguel Albrecht (ESO), Rudi Albrecht - Chair (ST-ECF), Piero Benvenuti (ST-ECF), Preben Grosbøl (ESO), Richard Hook (ST-ECF), Benoît Pirenne (ST-ECF), Peter Quinn (ESO), Britt Sjöberg (ST-ECF), Christine Telander (ESO), Eline Tolstoy (ST-ECF).

    Meeting Agenda

    Special Topics

    The meeting agenda consists of invited and contributed talks and poster sessions with emphasis on, among others, the following special topics:

    Invited Speakers

  • M. Norman (NCSA): Early Universe Simulation
  • J.R. Fisher (NRAO): Object-Oriented Experiences with GBT Monitor and Control
  • D. Barnes (NOAO): Parkes Multibeam realtime O-O data reduction using AIPS++
  • J. Schwarz (ESO): Managing IT Infrastructure
  • C. Christian (STScI): CyberHype or Educational Technology - What is being learned from all those BITS?
  • P. Quinn (ESO): ESO Data Flow S/W Development (INVITED)
  • F. Murtagh (Univ. Ulster): Noise Detection and Filtering using Multiresolution Transform Methods

    Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions (BOFs)

    A number of Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) special interest sessions will be scheduled for the conference. BOFs are organized by ADASS participants and are usually about one hour in duration.

  • Astrobrowse (R. Hanisch)
  • Linux (to be announced)
  • IRAF (G. Jacoby, D. Tody)
  • IDL (D. Stern, W. Landsman)
  • AIPS/AIPS++ (G. v. Moorsel, T. Cornwell)
  • FITS (D. Wells, P. Grosbol both to be confirmed)
  • Scheduling/Pipelines (Antunes, Ryan)

    Tag-along Meeting

    The following tag-along meeting will be held following the Conference.

    Converging Computing Methodologies in Astronomy (CCMA) Conference, 17-18 September 1997. (CCMA is a consortium supported by the European Science Foundation.)

    Information - call for papers, programme, registration - is available at the CCMA Conference Web area.

    Accommodation requests for the tag-along meeting should be submitted by using the same Accommodation Request Form as for the ADASS '97 conference.


    Anyone wishing to attend the Conference has to complete and return the Registration Form. We have also made the form available via anonymous ftp from in the directory /adass/. The early registration fee is USD 130 or DEM 225. The late registration fee is USD 180 or DEM 310. The fee can be paid either by cheque or by bank transfer. Cheques should be made payable to "European Southern Observatory - ADASS '97" and can be issued in US Dollars or German Marks. Bank transfers should be made to European Southern Observatory's Account No. 21 02 002 with the Commerzbank München (bank code 700 400 41, address: Commerzbank Munich Office, Leopoldstr. 230, D-80804 Munich, Germany) and should contain the name of the participant and the reference "ADASS '97". Please note that we are not responsible for possible banking fees and therefore participants should make sure that we receive the full amount. Registrations without accompanying payment will not be accepted.

    Walk-up registration will be accepted on a space-available basis, but it is discouraged. The fee for walk-up registration is USD 230 or DEM 400.

    Hotel Information

    We have made a block reservation at the Allgäu Stern Hotel for the duration of the conference (arrival date September 14; departure date September 17/18). The rooms cost DEM 130 (USD 75) per night for single occupancy and DEM 200 (USD 115) per room for double occupancy. This price includes breakfast and usage of many of the hotel facilities including the swimming pools and fitness centre, as well as parking.

    The deadline for hotel reservations was 15 August 1997. To make a room reservation please email or fax the Accommodation Request Form. This form is also available via anonymous ftp from in the directory /adass/. Accommodation requests will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis for registered participants only.

    NOTE: Confirmations of room reservations were sent to participants on 22 August.

    A short list of alternate hotels in Sonthofen has been prepared. Participants who wish to stay in one of those hotels are asked to make the arrangements with the hotel themselves.

    Call for Papers

    There are two categories of papers, oral presentation and poster papers. The Abstract and Demo Submission Form is also available via anonymous ftp from in the directory /adass/.

    NOTE: The deadline far abstract submission has passed. Late papers can still be submitted (poster papers only). Acceptance is contingent on POC approval and on the availability of display space.

    Oral Presentation Instructions

    Oral presentations are 15 minutes (contributed papers) and 30 minutes (invited papers). There will be an overhead projector and a slide projector. There will also be a projector with a PC/Mac hookup, so presentations done with software such as Powerpoint can be displayed. Presenters are advised to also have a set of hardcopy viewgraphs with them.

    Poster Paper Instructions

    Poster papers will have to be attached to near vertical cardbord display panels. The area available for a poster paper is slightly larger than one meter square. The poster panels are supposed to be re-usable, so only scotch tape should be used to attach the material. Suitable material will be supplied.

    Computer Demonstrations

    Unless specified otherwise the demo station are Unix/Solaris machines. They will be connected to the Internet, so downloading of software and (a limited amount) of data will be possible. However, the computer demonstrations should be organized such that continuous assured access to the Internet is not required. A minimum of one square meter of poster space will be available for each computer demo.


    The Proceedings of the Conference are expected to be published as part of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, as were those of previous Conferences.

    Detailed information for the preparation of manuscripts is now available.

    It may be necessary for the editors to screen the papers for the published proceedings if the number of papers is too large for a reasonably sized and reasonably priced volume.

    Invited papers will be limited to 10 pages; poster papers and contributed oral talks will be limited to 4 pages.

    Each registered participant will receive a copy of the published proceedings as part of the registration fee. It is planned to make the Proceedings available over the World Wide Web, as in past years.

    Local Information

    Transport between Airport and Hotel

  • Munich Airport Information

    Sonthofen is situated about 200 km south-west of the Munich Franz-Josef-Strauss International Airport.

    Airport - Sonthofen by train

    After clearing customs follow the signs to the "Zentralbereich/Central Area", where the train station is located. Trains from the airport to the railway station run on a 20-min. schedule. Find the ticket counter (staffed Mo-Sa from 7:30 to 22:00, on Sunday 10:00 to 20:00) and buy a ticket from the airport to Sonthofen. You then take the airport train to the Munich Central Station and change to the train to Sonthofen. If you arrive outside the time when the ticket counter is staffed you have to purchase a ticket for the airport train at the ticket machine and buy your ticket to Sonthofen at the Central Station. This will be more expensive. Prices from Munich central station to Sonthofen are: DEM 52 for a single 2nd class ticket to DEM 156 for a return 1st class ticket. If you want reserved seats you have to purchese the tickets through your travel agent ahead of time. There are direct trains from Munich Main Railway Station to Sonthofen roughly every two hours throughout the day. The taxi from the railway station in Sonthofen to the Stern Hotel costs around DEM 10.

    To help participants with the travel planning, we have prepared tables with the most convenient train connections between Munich and Sonthofen and Zurich and Sonthofen.

  • Homepage of the "Schweizerische Bundesbahnen" (for European Train Time Table Information)
  • Homepage of the "Deutsche Bahn AG" (for German Train Time Table Information; the connection is often slow)

    Airport - Sonthofen by car

    Rental car agencies are located in the "Zentralbereich/Central Area" of the airport. Leaving the airport you will be funneled into Autobahn 92. Head towards Munich (southwest). At the "Autobahnkreuz (junction) Neufarhrn" DO NOT follow the signs "Munich", but continue straight, following the signs "Stuttgart". Continue another 6 kilometers and take the "Oberschleissheim/Dachau" exit, again following the signs "Stuttgart". After about 15 kilometers you will get to Autobahn 8 to Stuttgart. DO NOT TAKE IT. Instead continue straight and follow the signs "Autobahn Lindau", which you will get to after about another 15 km (Autobahn 96). Go west (away from Munich) on that Autobahn; leave it at the Kaufbeuren exit and head south towards Kaufbeuren, Markt Oberndorf, and Kempten. Just before you get to Kempten you pick up Autobahn 7 south (signs "Oberstdorf"). Keep following the "Oberstdorf" signs at the Autobahnkreuz Allgau, which will turn you west on Autobahn 980. It ends after approximately 6 km. "Sonthofen" should be signposted at this point. Once you arrive in Sonthofen you will find signs to the Allgau Stern Hotel.


    A limited number of maps are available on-line to help you navigate. These include:

    Some other useful links


    September in Bavaria can be very pleasant, but there are no guarantees! Days could be as warm as +16-18°C, but evenings are always cool. Please come prepared for both warm and cool (and rainy!) weather. (And don't forget your swimwear: the hotel has got one indoor and one outdoor pool.)


    Lunch and dinner can be taken in the hotel restaurant. A three-course lunch or dinner (or buffet lunch or dinner) costs DEM 30. A buffet breakfast is included in the room price.

    There are also a wide range of restaurants in Sonthofen. The town centre is a 10- to 15-minute walk away from the Stern Hotel.

    Special Events

    Conference Reception

    A Conference reception will be held in the Allgäu Stern Hotel on Sunday evening, 14 September, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be provided and drinks will be available from the bar.

    Conference Banquet

    The Conference Banquet will take place in the restaurant of a local brewery on the evening of September 16.

    The banquet ticket costs USD 30 or DEM 50 and includes transport to and from the brewery.

    Conference Program

    The program is now available

    Registration, Accommodation, Abstract & Demo Submission, and Financial Assistance Forms

    We have made the forms available via anonymous ftp from in the directory /adass/.

    The Registration Form should be used for registering via email or surface mail.

    Participants who wish to present an oral or a poster paper, present a computer demo or are in need of special equipment, are asked to submit the Abstract and Demo Submission Form via email.

    For room reservations, participants are asked to submit the Accommodation Request Form (the same form is to be used for both the ADASS '97 and the CCMA Conferences). Confirmations of reservations made will be sent at the end of August.

    Participants who wish to apply for financial assistance should consult the Financial Assistance Instructions.

    ADASS '98

    ADASS '98 will be hosted by the National Center for Supercomputer Applications (NCSA) and the University of Illinois Astronomy Department. It will be held September 20-23, 1998 at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois, USA.