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For many years the ST-ECF has developed IRAF tasks and packages for HST and related data analysis. Up to now these have been distributed in an ad hoc manner and supported at various levels. To allow wider and more efficient distribution and to bring all components to a uniform level of quality and documentation we have decided to combine these components into a standard-format IRAF package to be called ``stecf''. The ``stecf" package will be made available as part of the next release of STSDAS as well as on the IRAF archive site and its mirrors and from the ST-ECF Web pages This paper gives an overview of the contents of the packages and examples of their use along with pointers and links to further information. The brief descriptions here cover an improved photometric restoration method, grism reduction software and a grism ``quicklook'' spectrum extraction tool as well as a more complete description of a new package for the reduction of imaging polarimetry data. Other tasks will be added in the future.

Norbert Pirzkal