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Meetings and Conferences, organized / co-organized by the ST-ECF:


Science with the Hubble Space Telescope - III, October 11-14, 2010, Palazzo Cavelli-Franchetti, Venice, Italy


Science with the New Hubble Space Telescope after Servicing Mission 4, 29 - 31 January, Bologna, Italy


41st ESLAB Symposium: The Impact of HST on European Astronomy, 29 May - 1 June, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Obscured AGN Across Cosmic Time, 5-7 June, Seeon, Bavaria, Germany


The NEON Observing schools in 2006

The Fifth NEON Observing School, OHP, France, 23 July - 6 August
The Second NEON Archive Observing School, ESO, Germany, 30 August - 9 September

2005 :

The ESO/ESA/IAU Conference Communicating Astronomy with the Public, 14-17 June, ESO HQ, Garching

Science Perspectives for 3D Spectroscopy. An ESO and Euro3D Workshop, 10-14 October, ESO HQ, Garching


The NEON Archive Observing School, ESO Summer School, 14-24 July, ESO HQ, Garching


ESO/ESA/NASA Astronomy Conference Toward an International Virtual Observatory - Scientific Motivation, Roadmap for Development and Current Status, June 10-14, Garching

ESO-CERN-ESA Symposium on Astronomy, Cosmology and Fundamental Physics, March 4-7, Garching


ESO / ECF / STscI Workshop on Deep Fields, October 9-12, ESO Garching


NICMOS and the VLT: A New Era of High Resolution Near Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy, May 26-27, Pula, Sardinia

Next Generation Space Telescope: Science Drivers and Technological Challenges, (34th Liège International Astrophysics Colloquium), June 15-18, Liège, Belgium


ADASS '97, Sonthofen, Bavaria, September 14-17


Worldwide Conferences and Workshops:

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