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Confirmed posters as of 7 October 2010

Poster size specification: 118 cm = 46.5 in (height) x 58 cm = 22.8 in (width).

No.Name Affiliation
P01Hathi, NimishUV-dropout Galaxies in the GOODS-South Field from WFC3 Early Release Science Observations
P03Perez-Fournon, IsmaelHerMES (the Herschel Multi-Tiered Extragalactic Survey): high redshift galaxies in HerMES-HST fields
P04Pirzkal, NorHigh-z galaxies and their physical properties as seen by HST
P05Pizzella, AlessandroThe unresolved galaxies at z=6 in the HUDF
P06Trenti, MicheleRandom sights with Hubble: the Brightest of Reionizing Galaxies survey
P07Yan, HaojingResults from the WFC3 Pure-Parallel Imaging Survey
P08Alamo-Martinez, KarlaGlobular Cluster Systems in Fossil Groups
P09Atek, HakimA new population of high EW emission-line galaxies in the WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallel Survey
P10Axon, DavidA Displaced Supermassive Black hole in M87
P11Cesetti, MaryDisentangling the stellar populations of Fornax dwarf spheroidal galaxy
P12Corsini, Enrico MariaOn the validity of the M_BH-sigma relation
P13Dalla Bonta, ElenaPhotometric analysis of Abell 1689
P14Danforth, CharlesNew AGN Results from the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph
P15Delgado, RodneyThe distant Hubble Sequence with HST/ACS
P15Disney, MichaelFinding Low Surface Brightnesss Galaxies with WFC-3
P16Hayes, MatthewHST studies of Lyman-alpha galaxies at low-redshift and their relevance for high-z astrophysics
P18Kriss, GerardCoordinated X-ray and Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Outflow in the Seyfert 1 Galaxy Mrk 509
P19Leitherer, ClausUV Spectroscopic Atlas of Local Starbursts
P20Morelli, LorenzoMultiband photometric decomposition of nuclear stellar disks
P21Portaluri, ElisaStudy of compact massive objects in galactic nuclei
P22Rocca-Volmerange, BrigitteUV-to-IR Evolution of distant massive radiogalaxies
P23Winter, LisaHST COS Observations of AGN Outflows
P24Buson, LucioNGC 4262: a Virgo galaxy with an extended ultraviolet ring
P25Wofford, AidaProperties of H I Lyman-Alpha in Local Star Forming Galaxies
P26Cho, HyejeonSurface Brightness Fluctuations with WFC3: New Models and Observations from the UV to the IR
P27Beasley, MatthewThe Detection of Fe II in the Atmosphere of Transiting Planet HD209458b
P28Burgh, EricCarbon Content Along Translucent Lines of Sight
P29Cannon, JohnConnecting Recent Star Formation With ISM Structures and Kinematics In The M81 Group Dwarf Irregular Galaxy DDO 165
P30Nicastro, FabrizioBroad Lyman-alpha Absorbers and the WHIM
P31Penton, StevenProbing the Great Wall with COS
P32Richter, PhilippGas accretion by the Milky Way observed with HST
P33Savage, BlairA Multiphase Absorber Containing O VI Directly Tracing 10^6 K Plasma at Low-Redshift Toward HE 0153-4520
P34Snow, TheodoreCOS Observations of Translucent Interstellar Clouds
P35France, KevinThe Far-Ultraviolet Continuum in Protoplanetary Disk Systems
P36Linsky, JeffreyCOS Spectroscopy of the Transiting Planet HD 209458b: Mass loss and Velocity Structure
P37Martin, EduardoThe HST-discovered protoplanet candidate TMR1-C revisited
P38Noll, KeithHST's survey of the Kuiper Belt
P39Barstow, MartinProbing the atmospheres of white dwarfs with COS and STIS
P40Beccari, GiacomoProgressive star formation in the young galactic super star cluster NGC 3603
P41Carpenter, KennethA SNAPshot of the FUV (1320 - 1460 A) Spectrum of Lambda Vel (K4Ib-II)
P42Echevarria, JuanHST imaging and ground-based spectroscopy of RS Ophuichi: an example of the advantages of multi-institutional collaborations.
P43Girardi, LeoMultiple features in the CMDs of Magellanic Cloud custers: signatures of their prolonged star formation histories
P44Gomez de Castro, AnaT Tauri stars: Magnetospheres, disks and jets
P45Gouliermis, DimitriosTiming Star Formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud with Hubble ACS observations
P46Gull, TheodoreResolving the massive interacting winds of Eta Carinae with HST/STIS
P48Proffitt, CharlesMeasuring Boron In Rapidly Rotating Early-B Stars with HST
P49Reid, IainHST and low mass binaries
P50Sanna, NicolettaFirst Results from a Very Large Survey of UV Bright Objects in Globular Clusters
P51Vallenari, AntonellaClustering properties of Pre-main sequence stars in the stellar association N11 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
P52Robberto, MassimoThe HST Treasury Program on the Orion Nebula
P53Villaver, EvaSculpting Planetary Nebulae
P54Beland, StephaneTaking Advantage of the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph Time-Tag Information
P55Christian, CarolPublic Use of HST through the MAST Archive
P56Conti, AlbertoThe New MAST Portal
P57Diaz, RosaHST Exposure Time Calculator for Cycle 19
P58Ebbets, DennisOn-orbit servicing of HST and future observatories: an industry perspective
P59Golimowski, DavidACS after SM4: New Life for an Old Workhorse
P60Jenkner, HelmutEnabling Science with the Hubble Archives
P61Kuemmel, MartinThe Hubble Legacy Archive ACS grism project
P62Lallo, Matthew20 years of the Hubble Space Telescope
P63Nilsson, KimScience with the Hubble Legacy Archive ACS slitless grism spectra
P64Osterman, StevenResurrecting FUSE: Spectroscopy between 905 AA and 1150 AA with COS
P65Sachkov, MikhailThe Space Telescope for Ultraviolet Astronomy WSO-UV
P67Smith, LindaStatus of ACS after SM4
P68Walsh, JeremyHST Spectroscopy at the Highest Spatial Resolution
P69White, RichardThe Hubble Archive
LP1MacKenty, John The WFC3 on-orbit calibration program

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