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Latest News:
Apr 24, 2009
VIMOS GOODS/ADP Imaging Data Release Version 1.0

Feb 18, 2008
VIMOS GOODS/ADP Spectroscopy Release: Version 1.0

Oct 31, 2007
Final FORS2 GOODS/ADP Spectroscopy Release: Version 3.0

Sep 10, 2007
Final ISAAC GOODS/ADP Release: Version 2.0

CDFS in J, Ks and H bands covering 172.4, 159.6 and 173.1 arcmin2, respectively

Dec 24, 2005
GOODS FORS2 Spectroscopy Release: Version 2.0

Sep 30, 2005
ISAAC GOODS/ADP Release: Version 1.5

CDFS 159 arcmin2 in J,Ks bands, 126 arcmin2 in H band


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The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS) is a public, multiwavelength survey that will cover two 150 arcmin2 fields. These fields are centered around the HDF-N (Hubble Deep Field North) and the CDF-S (Chandra Deep Field South).

GOODS consists of two major parts: space based imaging and ground based imaging. The first part will be carried out with the NASA Great Observatories, SIRTF, CXO, the NASA/ESA HST, as well as ESA's XMM-Newton. GOODS itself is a SIRTF Legacy program, designed to study galaxy formation and evolution over a very wide range of cosmic lookback time (see Science Abstract). Ground based observations include optical and near infrared, sub-millimeter and radio observations of the same two fields.  The project is also described in a recent ESO Messenger article.

Data Policy

In the spirit of all Legacy Programs, data obtained with ESO facilities in direct support of the GOODS project will be immediately made public worldwide (see open letter by the ESO Director General). Reduced imaging data and source catalogs prepared by the EIS Team will be released by ESO within a few months from the conclusion of each observing run. Imaging and spectroscopic data obtained with ESO telescopes by proprietary programmes in the Chandra Deep Field South will also become public worldwide via the ESO Science Archive before the release of the SIRTF/GOODS data, or after the expiration of the one year proprietary period.
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